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Get more information. Read the Parent Handbook to see if Forest School is a good fit for your child.


You will be emailed about using BrightWheel for registration.


On Brightwheel, complete Registration. 


Check email for next steps and to pay $100 non refundable registration fee. 


Check email for updates. Reach out if you have any questions! 

About the Program


Blue Ridge Outdoor school will be offering an outdoor Pre School program for ages 3-5 starting Fall 2024.  It is play-based, interest-led learning. Curriculum flows naturally based on the season and the interest of the children focusing on social emotional development. Blue Ridge Outdoor School allows children the opportunity to take supported risks, appropriate for the situation. 

The School year starts mid August and ends Memorial day weekend. The school year calendar will be available March 1st. 

Students are picked up from a designated location and taken to an outdoor location within 20 minutes of downtown Lexington. The day consists of play, community building, social emotional development, and lessons based on student interests.


Each day students will have a music, art, or movement lesson and reading opportunities. Students will lead their development of counting and phonics lessons as the opportunity naturally arises, in addition to learning about science and the environment around them. 

Cost is $750 a month starting in August, and ending in May, for the 5 day program. There is a one-time, non refundable $100 enrollment fee due at the time of registration through Brightwheel. 

If you would like to schedule an interest meeting on the phone or in person with the director - please email at

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